Industry 4.0, it is prohibited to lower your guard on IT and OT infrastructure.

Industries 4.0 are hyperconnected ecosystems with full-time production requirements, partially or fully digitalised processes, Industrial IoT (IIoT) industrial technologies, Big Data and,widespread use of analytics, thanks to which competitiveness and performance levels are enhanced. In this scenario, IT infrastructures and industrial control systems (ICS) including SCADA, HMI, Engineering Workstation, PLC, network connections have become new and easy targets of cybercriminals who today can access not only data but also industrial assets, putting at risk business continuity and seriously compromising the efficiency of industrial processes. The consequences go from loss of data, via closing production plants (downtime) with substantial economic and financial damage, to the theft of even more crucial company information like industrial patents.

CLUSIT (The Italian Association for information security) has stated that damage caused by cyberattacks in 2017 exceeded 500 billion dollars at the global level (it was 100 billion only 3 years previously). Unfortunately, the good news is also in short supply about the Internet of Things, which is increasingly the target of new information crimes. In 2015, damage in this environment amounted to around 7 billion dollars, and Forrester Research estimates that it would become nearly 30 billion in 2019. In an environment which is so severely threatened by new global information pandemics, it becomes ever more crucial for companies to adopt solutions that make productive assets secure through approaches capable of increasing the total resilience of infrastructure, adopting policies and procedures for the correct management of vulnerabilities and risks connected to them.

Among the global players operating in this environment, Kaspersky is undoubtedly one of those who have managed, more than others, to develop specific solutions for the cybersecurity of IoT systems (Kaspersky Industrial CyberSecurity) which can ensure business continuity, protect industrial systems and all the organisation’s units. Gruppo Filippetti, which recently joined Confindustria Emilia, is now placing at the disposal of a region with a historical manufacturing baseexpertise matured over more than 40 years of operations in the ICT market. Its transversal package includes state of the art solutions in the 4.0 context: from digital transformation to Industry, from building to mobility.

Thanks to a strategic partnership with KasperskyGruppo Filippetti can help industries to securely enable digital transformation, integrating its IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) devices, a network wireless infrastructure and the Filippetti IoT Smart Platform, with Kaspersky’s KICS suite, to make Emilia companies and enterprises leading players in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

For more information: www.industrial-iot.it/en/filippetti-group


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