Geoweb star at the Smart International Award 2018.

The TWIN Model project for Naples Central Station was developed using an OPEN BIM methodology, in close collaboration with the Italian national rail association, the Ferrovie dello Stato Group (RFI and Grandi Stazioni Rail), and is aimed at creating a model of the current and future model, guaranteeing constant updating with the support and improvement of the management and maintenance processes. Starting with a laser scanner reading of the entire area (approx. 40 hectares), a BIM Model of the station was constructed, organising the data inside a CDE (Common Data Environment). A reference data library (RDL) was then created, reconstructing 12,500 pieces of equipment present in the station. The parametric geometry was redefined for every object modelled, completed with all the information needed to improve every management and maintenance process related to the assets.

The Geoweb software, in particular, has been used to integrate BIM software and digitisation Facility Management throughout the infrastructure’s entire life cycle. Geoweb is a framework born to create technical management applications based on open standards and protocols, and which are entirely customisable.

The development of Geoweb is currently oriented towards the implementation and use of BIM models throughout the entire life cycle of a building or work. The BIM models can, in fact, be uploaded and verified in both the design phase and during the work in order to be used during the management phase.

Geoweb Enterprise facilitates the upload of models produced from any BIM software in standard interchange formats (IFC) and the ability to organise a centralised DB in which models can be managed for processes, operative stages, or as per breakdown criteria of the property assets as also indicated by the main reference standards and methodologies.

We are very proud to have contributed, with our solution, to the TWIN Model project for Naples Central Station, carried out by Minnucci Associati and the winner of this international award. We hope to collaborate on new projects in the future which are equally pioneering and capable of providing a relevant contribution both in terms of the management and of the maintenance of the assets,” commented Micol Filippetti, CEO of Gruppo Filippetti.


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